Friday, February 20, 2009

Cupcake Paparazzi

So I decided I really should try harder to take pretty pictures of my cupcakes (they deserve it!), so today I experimented with my camera, some natural light, and the cupcakes I made last night. These pictures were taken in a window sill, as I live in a condo and have few spots with plentiful natural light.

Here is a crazy spiky cupcake that I thought would look like flowers, but really looks kind of like a sea anemone up close.

This one is quite elegant...notice the smooth, calming swirl of buttercream...

Looks good, right? Well check out who else noticed the swirly buttercream, and joined me in the window sill:

Lucky Dog :)!

Coming soon: Adventures in building a photo light box! (Dachshund-proofed).


  1. Those are some good pictures! YUM!!!

  2. heehee! dog pic is funny... cute cupcakes!!